Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intro to Blogging

If you've never been sick, like seriously sick, you wouldn't know this. One of the most common phrases across the board that I've heard from doctors is "Well you're otherwise healthy, so that's good" or some variation of this - which in their mind is a good thing. I don't have diabetes. I'm not (massively) overweight, no heart problems and I have all my appendages. Otherwise healthy.

But excuse you, this phrase is so odd. You mean other than the genetic disorder that caused me to lose 50 pounds, my colon and a year of my life fighting colon cancer? Yeah otherwise healthy. Or the second time around: other than the history of colon cancer, the complete colectomy, the lung cancer, abnormal liver scan, and bone cancer. Yes, I'm otherwise healthy. Literally, my oncologist used this phrase today when reviewing my pet scan, which was abnormal to say the least. Healthy people do not get PET Scans; otherwise healthy people do.

Makes me wonder about the people they see on a regular basis if I'm "otherwise healthy", but at any rate it gave me a good name for my blog. I want to try to keep a better running diary this time around of my cancer experience. I want my friends and extended family to have a better idea about what it's like day to day for cancer patients. Your life doesn't stop, in fact it gets busier with less energy, but you'll see what I mean eventually. I also want to laugh at how ridiculous everything is, including my treatment, symptoms, cancer in general, healthcare, my family, my friends, my fiancee (who I love) and even my brother's dogs (who I most certainly do not love). I can't promise I'll update everyday. I can't promise it will always be nice or uplifting so read at you own expense. I can't promise that my blog will be spelling corrected, well written or even in complete sentences on some days.

But I will promise that it'll be honest. And if I was going to be honest, I'd admit that I was doing this more for my own therapeutic sake than anything else. Every blog should have that caveat though!


  1. Cheering for you in PA! You will find it therapeutic, and i will appreciate the updates. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. I, for one, am HAPPY that you are "otherwise healthy!

  3. This just in:

    FB Post @ 4:36 by PW (with 53 'likes' and counting...):

    "So exciting news today: My oncologist called and said that my liver was ok!!! (previously he said "yeah the radiologist and i have never seen anything like this in the liver before.") When I said that i was happy because I could drink again my doctor suggested that I drink heavily! :)"

    Stayin' (+)