Saturday, November 19, 2011

PCBG Sucks!

Ok so just so people don't think my whole life is about cancer, here's my random thought from Wednesday. I've been helping my mom with her class on Thursday/Friday and in NYC since Friday. This blog will lack more depth than some of my other blogs, so we're now at negative depth. You've been warned.

I was moved by Old Navy's boot-licious ads (big guppie right here) and went to Old Navy to look at fleece and faux furs boots. I decided that boots would not take away my chronic pain or at least make it bearable. The boots weren't cute. I should have known that Old Navy always looks happier in commercials than in person. It just so happens that Old Navy is right next to a Party City and I figured that cheap wedding crud might make me happier than cheap fleece crud.  I was right. It was so fun to figure out what I'm going to buy in the future. They've got a lot of the non-essential, essential wedding stuff - like bags for welcome bags, candy bags, favor bags, sand, vases, etc.

As I'm looking at unity candles, I heard another customer talking to the Party City balloon guy. What I heard annoyed me so much that I almost told these random strangers that they were the dumbest people I've heard all month. I didn't - you're welcome dumb Party City dude. So here's how the conversation went:

Customer: I need happy 3rd birthday balloons for my son
Party City Balloon Guy (PCBG): Ok
(boring conversation ensues about what balloons to pick out)
Customer: Yeah we had to waste our money on all this 1st and 2nd birthday stuff. Why can't we just get something that says "happy birthday" and then reuse it every year. Who needs balloons anyway? Not like the kid knows the difference.
PCBG: Yeah, I heard these parents in here earlier that had rented a moon bounce for their kid for his 3rd birthday. The kid won't ever remember it.
Stupid Customer: (nods in agreeance and makes some other dumb comment about wasting money)

I thought, "UM you do it because it's fun! That's why you get a moon bounce!" You're kid isn't going to remember anything until 3, but you still do fun activities with them - because you love your kid, you want them to laugh and have fun, and because it makes you happy to see them happy. That's why you get a 2 year old balloons. Why celebrate birthdays at all? if that's your beef. Their argument was more surrounding the wasting of money on someone that won't remember it than on expense of said balloon and/or moon bounce. I get the whole lack of disposable income to spend on fun, but non-essential stuff (like unity candles or candy bags). I was annoyed. So annoyed I had to call my sister, which in all honesty I call her when I'm annoyed, happy, sad indifferent, or gassy. One to tell her that I'm proud that she likes to take her kids to do things and is such a good mom, and two to tell her how proud she should be of me that I didn't yell at PCBG. After calling Lisa, I did what I usually do: Call my mom and have the exact same conversation again. She agreed that PCBG sucks and that Party City in general will be good for wedding stuff.

So that's your blog post for today. Sorry if  you were hoping to learn something about cancer. For those of you who read my blog for that reason: Chemo sucks and, in my case, causes ingrown toe nails. There. Feel better? I didn't think so.

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  1. LOL PCBG does suck, and I hope he puts on a good show for his kid and never acts on his "why do anything" feelings. Silly man.

    Ingrown toenails and cancer have nothing on asthma. ;)