Saturday, October 1, 2011

About time for some good news!

So this will be a quick post. Mainly because I just updated yesterday (two days in a row! Take some prolific writer...) and because for those of you on the Dynamic Duo email list you'll get this information in an email shortly.

After a long day of not eating in the hospital waiting for a CT Scan, I finally got some good news on Monday. The scan showed the cancer masses in my lungs shrunk about 30%! My oncologist was quite impressed. There was some confusion, because he thought I had had 2 cycles instead of 2 treatments. (1 cycle = 2 chemo treatments, 2 cycles = 4 chemo treatments). I've only done 2 treatments total and when he realized this he came back in to say again what great progress this was. The were some cancer masses that were previously undefined, because they were so close together. My oncologist said he could see air through them now - a good sign for being in the lungs. The scan also showed that there was no metastasis of cancer to any other organs!

As for the bone cancer, I'm pretty confident it's working as well. Because of the way bone cancer shows up on CT Scans and bone scans, there would be little benefit to doing either. The 'repaired' parts would show up as hot spots and look the same as cancer. However, I'm happy to report I'm having very little bone pain this time around. A much needed relief to the first 2 treatments. Progress!

Lastly, because I'm showing so much improvement with my current treatment course, my oncologist said that I would not be a candidate for NIH. Thank goodness, because I would hate to imagine how upset I would be if all this suffering showed little progress!

So that's all for today. I'm off to find some hearty breakfast because thankfully food tastes good today (small miracles). Happy Saturday!

P.S. If you're not on our "Dynamic Duo" email list for updates on me and my mom and would like to be, please just email me or comment.

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  1. Praise all that is well and good! I have happy tears in my eyes, what a fantastic day!!!! XOXOXOXO