Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chemo #2 - Quick Update

Blogging from the hospital! This is a new one for me. Still feeling midly nauseus but was able to eat half a grilled cheese and half a brownie. This one hit me harder than the first treatment. I've had all good nurses this time, which makes a huge difference. Slept through most of yesterday. I barely woke up to celebrate my dad's birthday. :(. Don't think he cared that much.

As predicted, Monday was a waste of a day. I got into the hospital at 8:30ish but chemo didn't start until 5:00. Ugh annoying!

I'm hopefully getting out tomorrow around noon and then off to do wedding planning in Charlottesvile for the weekend with my future mother-in-law. Fingers crossed that my mom and I can keep up our strength!

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  1. Continued positive thoughts and prayers! Here's to a productive trip to Charlottesville... but don't overdo it! XOXO